Monday, October 17, 2011

The Gate

Could use some improvements, but the gate is off to a good start. The beautiful thing is that I have a few precious days to go back and change things.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The lift

Closing in on finishing the lighthouse. This is the last major prop. Then come some brief touchups, and BAM - onto the gates!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Perhaps a little background on what Dust is, and why it is struggling its way into existence like all creative works tend to do, is in order. Originally a game for a class project, I realize several months ago, that there was so much more room to fully express the deeper aspects of the game, that it was worthwhile to revisit. So circling back around, what is Dust?

Dust is a game about water, or the lack thereof, in a sea of sand and heat.
A game about the clashing of humankind and the natural world.
A game about the silent beauty of being alone in the ruins of greatness.

Perhaps that was going off too far in the direction of abstraction, but those are just a few of the things that compel me about the concept that caused me to become interested in reviving it. Perhaps more concretely there should be discussion of what a player does in this game.

The primary point of Dust has always been the that of a sail boat, sailing across an ocean of sand:

The reason for the player's journey in that little boat is simple, the need to find water and safety, but doing so will require exploring in the shadows of the testaments to those that lived in a different time:

This blog is intended to share with you the team's progress as we bring the game to completion. As you can see, Marie, one of the artists on the team, has already added some of her work on the lighthouse that will be the central point in the final version of the game. I hope you'll return in the future as we post more details, and that you'll give the game a try when it's done.


Old painting

Forgot about this...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lighthouse WIP

More WIP shots of the lighthouse.
 The player enters by first going through this cave and climbing up a ladder.

Quick test in Unity. It takes a long time to climb the lighthouse on foot, so I'm planning on building a makeshift elevator in the stairs.

Detail shots

A few props I've been working on.
 Door to the lighthouse.
This hatch shows up a few times, once near the base and again on the deck.
Rock base the lighthouse stands on. Needs some more sand in the crevices.
 Staircase leading up the lighthouse. These will be suspended by cables and brackets.
 The lighthouse lens stand and accompanying kerosene tanks.
And here are the same tanks in Unity using the Jon Moore shader library! Pretty slick, no?